Agencia de Producci³n Audiovisual y Publicidad BRIVARES S.A. OF H.P. Everything began when a group of 3 enterprising young people identified a serious problem, in which, companies of publicity, lie down to forget the most important part, €œthe clients€ they do not receive the attention, the services and projects of a special, honest way and with quality; These musketeers managed to determine that a well elaborated service exactly phelp and, would generate more than the publicity of hundreds of thousands of pesos in spectacular. Thus it was born enterprising BRIVARES, three young people with unique abilities and it jeopardize to develop enterprise projects in the areas of Audio-visual Production, Publicity, Design, Marketing research and Programming Web, to achieve each objective and to be part of the push to the goals of each client in this new one was digital. By the quality and you, We were born.

We come from the scope of the cooperation, quality and the communication in values, for that reason we know that to sensitize it is necessary to persuade with different and dynamic messages, or from videos animated, to giant productions, with original campaigns of effective communication.

Clients 100% satisfied and the confidence with them, animate to us to continue working in this fascinating challenge.

Author: Directors BRIVARES founders